The 21th International salon “Art and the City”. Participants include monumental artists from 20 countries (France, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Germany, USA, Dutch, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Japan, Austria, Russia, China, Latvia, Israel, Greece, Holland and Ireland). All the artists are well-known masters and many own their own art schools or academies. More than 130 artists are expected.

One of the aims is to maintain and teach the highest quality of classical monumental painting and the traditional technique of the best past artists: Tiepolo, Michelangelo, Veronese and others. This festival not only gives an opportunity to see the highest quality of canvases of the best masters but also to learn the methods and technique from these artists in classes that place over 4 days.

The subject for this year is “Art and the City” – to show works about St. Petersburg and home cities of the artists. The salon exhibits once a year (2010 – Versailles, France, 2011 – Atlanta, USA, 2012 – Hamburg, Germany, 2013 – Tokyo, Japan, 2014 – Seattle, USA, 2015 – Lecce, Italy). It is the first time the salon comes to Russia.

The exhibition hall of Artists Union

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