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Hello, my name is Alexander Galunoff. I come from a family of art critics. In spite of that I am still a guy who loves good old classic paintings and have invested some time to bring together people who share the same love as me. Here at the gallery we think that real art is born when the following things come together at one point: education, style and talent.

Contemporary art has many styles but classic realistic paintings are seen rarely. Many people believe themselves to be artists using their smart phones or digital cameras – Of course that is not true. There are great, fantastic paintings that are made in realistic style and still have nothing to do with photographic likeness. They are full of colors, feelings and love – everything an artist shares with a spectator.

Some people say that classical scenes are boring. Not for our artists, and not for us. A talented artist does not see a village house or a river in the same way as we or thousands of others do. He or she sees it with colors and shades unveiled only to him but not to a machine. And he tries to share this view with us in his own way.

I hope at our gallery that you will find the painting you fall in love with and will cherish for years to come.
A new name. Old school.

Sincerely yours,


Galunoff Art Gallery is relatively new having established in 2015. Although the journey to this point was a long. In 1996 we opened the first Russian online bookstore – During these years of online bookselling we have received many requests from artists and customers about selling fine art. And after many attempts we decided to follow this business opportunity independently. These 20 years of online selling have been important in developing our competencies, not only in art selling. We not only offer you the best art from Russia but we can deliver it to any place across the globe with no shipment or payment issues.


Our team is small but effective. Aside from Alexander Galunoff, the CEO, the management team consists of: Natalia Kosyachenko, a well-known art critic from St.Petersburg, and Olga Prakina – a specialist in logistics. Our warehouse personnel are well qualified and have years of experience packing and sending the most fragile objects you can imagine via post or courier service.

We promise that you will not only receive the best and most beautiful piece of art but you will receive it timely and intact.

In Short

Galunoff Art is a private gallery presenting Russian contemporary art. We have carefully chosen works by young artists which graduated from the most well-known classes at the Russian Academy of Arts and other internationally recognise schools of art. At our gallery you can find paintings that are made not only in realistic style, but most importantly – all of these works were created by the highest acclaimed artists. It is these works that we love most and are eager to share with you. These artists are already quite not cheap and we truly believe they will be much more valuable in future.

Our Gallery is a valuable source for all kinds of contemporary painting lovers: from individuals to collectors, businesses and galleries.

Welcome to Galunoff Art Gallery!